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Moulin Vieux & Shadow Angelina Pleased to Offer Person Photo Sessions of Your Play
skipandgonaked wrote in moulinvieuxnola
Moulin Vieux is pleased and proud to offer our patrons and players a special opportunity to preserve their beautiful selves and the memory of their sensual experiences in photographs. The extraordinarily talented Shadow Angelina has graciously offered her services for personal photo shoots at Moulin Vieux Events for those who would want to revisit the pain and the pleasure of their play.

Notable photographer Shadow Angelina has traveled the world with her camera photographing as far as Australia, Prague and Scotland. Her clients include some of the most famous names in music, two illustrious book covers, not to mention countless gorgeous models like our March Androgyny flyer. She brings to us her unique eye and talents for the opportunity to turn your fetish play into art, just for you.

Services will begin with a sit down consultation between Shadow, you and your partner/s to discuss the shoot. Black and white or color, what kind of lighting you would prefer and what kinds of shots you would like.

If full privacy is desired for your session a space can be set aside on the third floor. However unfortunately because this space is only accessible by spiral staircase we cannot get full size furniture into this area. But there is ample room for play that involves being tied up, bent over a chair and spanked or anything else you may desire.

The fee for booking is 150$ for a 45 minute session. You are guaranteed 12 professionally retouched images. Reservations are available on a first come, first served basis and can also be made the night of the event, but will be subject to scheduling around previously reserved bookings. Cash only, please.

Due to the nature of who we are and what we do, we offer this service to you with the written understanding that the photos belong to you. Shadow Angelina, nor Moulin Vieux, will not use them for any purpose whatsoever, and once you receive your digital images all other copies will be erased. In short, you own the negatives and as always, there will be the utmost discretion.

Send Moulin Vieux a message through our Facebook or FetLife to make a reservation. Please include the time you would prefer, whether or not you would like your session to be private and any other details or questions you may have.

For a look at Shadow Angelina's work, please visit her portfolio here.


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