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Hello from Us at Moulin Vieux!
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skipandgonaked wrote in moulinvieuxnola
Moulin Vieux is an Experimental BDSM Club Event formed for the purpose of creating a Safe and Fun Environment for people to Play or Observe Freely in a Purposefully Unstructured Venue. Relax and Enjoy, Watch or Participate. Always Raising the Bar. Always Open to Suggestions.

Third Fridays of the Month
1135 Decatur, NOLA
Doors at 11pm, 5$ at the Door
Fetish Appropriate Attire Suggested, Suggestive Attire Always Appropriate

For Information about our upcoming events, news and The Perverted Thought of the Day visit our Facebook Page!

We're Now on Fetlife! The indispensable Kinkster Community Online!I (heart) FetLife: BDSM & Fetish Community for Kinksters, by kinksters

Themes of each event are by no means exclusive in any way. They are merely fetishes that are being highlighted that particular month. Never feel as if you need to dress expressly for the theme or should not come if you are not all about that month's theme; things happening at the event will not be only within the month's theme. Themes or sideline activities are meant always to be exploratory and fun.


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