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Moulin Vieux Wants Subs and Slaves for Charity Auction at April 11th Event!
skipandgonaked wrote in moulinvieuxnola
At next month's event, "Let's Play" Master and Servant, Moulin Vieux is pleased to offer you a charity slave and toy auction! However, the best thing about a slave auction is... well what comes after... but in order to have that you need subs and slaves willing to put themselves up on the block for a good cause, not to mention a damn good time, for everyone involved!

How ours will work:

-Bidding will begin at Doors, 11pm and will end at 1:30am at which time people (or toys) will be handed over to the highest bidder for the remainder of the event. You are of course welcome to bid on multiple slaves.
-Bids will start at 15$ and will go up in increments of 5$.
-Each slave on the block will have a tag/armband describing what he/she is into/up for. Please only bid on those that suit your tastes, ie. spanking, flogging, waxing, tying up, navel worship, all of the above... you get the point.
-Play furniture and toys will be available for the entirety of the evening, single St. Andrew's Cross, double St. Andrew's Cross (two crosses connected facing one another), hanging stocks, pot of hot wax, small and large display stages. You are of course always allowed and encouraged to bring your own toys as well.

This auction is to benefit the New Orleans Musician's Clinic and the groundbreaking, multi-disciplinary documentary Land of Opportunity. Slaves and Subs will be welcome on the evening of the event but if you can, please let us know in advance if you would like to participate. Send us a message with the name you would like to go by and your "interests" and we can have your tag/armband(s) ready for you. We also ask that you arrive as close to 11pm as you are able; it's more fun that way.

If you are interested in donating an erotic/sexy toy or other item for the auction please let us know and thank you in advance!

Note: Moulin Vieux only condones consensual play. Please see our profile for any questions on our event guidelines.

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Sub/slave for event

I'm sorry I forgot to leave my name and email In my last reply. It's I can go by Joe are sub boy 26 I am a sub / Slave with few limits it would be easier to put what I'm not ok with then to name all what I am. :-) I like everything from bdsm flogging spanking pegging cbt Slave. Worship pain an more. I do hope I can attend the event an thanks again in advance.

Re: Sub/slave for event

Hello Joe,
Unfortunately this event was about four years ago. If you are looking for fetish themed events and groups in the New Orleans area I recommend checking out the really great site
Good Luck and Stay Safe. Best,
-All of Us formerly of Moulin Vieux

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