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We're Bringing 'Kink for a Cause' Back to Moulin Vieux!
skipandgonaked wrote in moulinvieuxnola
One of the original concepts for this was event was to give back to our community in some way, whether through charity sales, raffles or a portion of door proceeds going to various local charities. For a little while now we were not able to maintain this part of the event. However, we are now in a position to bring it back.

We are starting now at next month's event, "Let's Play" Master and Servant, with a slave and toy auction, the proceeds going to two local charities/projects, the New Orleans Musician's Clinic and the groundbreaking multi-platform documentary project Land of Opportunity. In the future we hope to continue this aspect of Moulin Vieux with other special charity additions to our events. At first it most likely won't be at every event but we will do our best to incorporate it every time we can.

So we ask you to continue to bring to our attention deserving local charities and projects that you feel deserve the little bit extra we might be able to provide. We like to donate to a variety of charities but can only choose a couple for each event. So if your suggestion does not come up this time don't worry; there will be a next time.

As always thank you for your support and suggestions and we hope to see you soon!


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